About us

We help ambitious companies to grow thanks to their website.

I am Fabrice Valtancoli, I help entrepreneurs to reach more people through their products or services. I have improved digital strategy and customer generation for hundreds of companies.

Why TheLead

After 8 years as a freelancer, then web manager of a large group and finally a consultant in digital strategy in Canada, I realized that very few companies gave themselves the means to make their website really effective.

  • Their website is second to none. While 100% of their future customers are on the Internet every day.
  • They dedicate far too much time in inefficient digital actions.
  • They miss out on simple opportunities that could be very profitable.
  • They only convert a tiny portion of visitors to their website into customers.

Not because they are incompetent or bad, on the contrary.

They keep their nose to the grindstone and have no time to question their habits and beliefs.

I created TheLead to help these entrepreneurs generate more customers through their website.

Not just to make more money, but more importantly to make life easier for them and their company by getting leads and customers more easily.

Our expertise

Get out your nose to the grindstone and get some new insights and fresh ideas! Take advantage of our experience and the numerous feedbacks we have been collecting in various sectors.

  • Growth marketing: acquisition and loyalty
  • Analytics skills and KPI
  • Ads management and optimization
  • UX, CRO and A/B testing
  • Coaching and support on your marketing actions

Some results examples

  • Increased the number of leads received by an international manufacturer by 60% (marketing budget € 1M)
  • Managed more than 10 million € in advertising expenses with ROI + (Adwords and Facebook ads)
  • Multiplied by 3 the turnover of a consumer B2C e-commerce site (within 2 years)
  • Helped dozens of small companies get a natural flow of new regular customers
  • Increased by 250% the leads generated by a blog b2b

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